Friday, February 15, 2008


Family on wedding day 1-12-96

Lorie and Bill on wedding day 1-12-96.

Lorie and Bill at JD and Mindy's reception 3-2-06.

Lorie and Bill at Laura and Clark's wedding 7-14-07 (corrected).

Lorie, Bill and family at Christmas 12-00.

Lorie, Bill, et al after Ryan and ReAnn's wedding.

Lorie, Bill, Katie after Ryan and ReAnn's wedding.

Lorie and revelers at 7 Peaks resort.
Lorie, Bill, Katie, Bob, and Annie after St. George marathon.
Lorie after Chance's blessing 10-06.

I hope these pictures help to remind you of what a wonderful famly we have and the fun times we have had together. Today on your birthday I want to thank you for being such a good mom.
Love, Katie


  1. Once again the ladies stay young while the men get older... Happiest Day Lorie, many more to come I hope.

  2. Nice tribute Katie. It was nice of your grandpa to help out a little. Your mom is awesome. Happy b-day Lorie!

  3. Tom beat me to it but it is so true. Lorie continues to have birthdays without looking any older. Well done and Happy Birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Lorie! The one of Lorie and my dad when they are all dressed in that lovely green color is actually at my wedding in 07-14-07 not ReAnn and Ryan's. Just thought I would make the correction! But Lorie you look cute in the picture no matter when it was taken. Hope you had a fun Birthday!

  5. Looski, I corrected the post. First mistake ever for Papa John....