Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day was a great long weekend. We made the trip up to Logan, spent time in Hyde Park, went boating, (cold!) hung out at the Twin Pine Ranch & made the trip to Brigham Cemetary. Thanks to everyone for great meals on Sunday & Monday...great root beer floats & playing in the back yard.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Newport Beach Temple Trip

Michael made a last minute trip home for Memorial weekend along with Amanda and several of her Springville High fellow grads. He was anxious to get to the Temple for the first time so we moved his planned date up by a week. Annie, Kristin and I, along with Dan and Shauna Rasmussen, joined him for this special day. He was able to spend about 30 minutes with President Oveson, the Temple President. It was a great morning to be in the Temple. Annie and I are very proud of Michael and are excited that he is working hard to be prepared to enter the mission field on June 27.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


After the Ogden Marathon Michael and his friend Elise came to stay the rest of the weekend with us. Knowing that there would be a crowd at the McEuens for dinner on Sunday we went and bought some wiffle balls Saturday night. Elise managed to snap a couple (hundred) photos. We had a fun game of 6 on 6 and although we weren't really keeping score you can tell Jack was happy to learn daddy's team beat mommy's team.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

Thanks to all who submitted photos and comments.

What a great bunch of pictures and comments. It is a lot easier for me to have you take the picutes and all I have to do to enjoy them is look at them. This seems to be another affermation of what a great posterity we have - please keep it up!

Weekend with Jack

Sure, there was some golf at LG&CC, some tomatoes to be planted, a bike ride to Hardware Ranch, a birthday party with a bunch of fun people, excellent food and a marathon to watch..... but the real reason for the trip was to hang out with Jack - mostly Happy Jack, but he was feeling a little under the weather as shown in the photo with Beth, so Beth and Marie hooked him up with some motrin and grandma followed up with some apple sauce and he was back to his happy self.

Play time with Alex!

Polly finding Alex's "nose" & "hair" the night of the marathon. She had a great time trying on Shelley's glasses, but before she broke them I got her little sunglasses to play with.

Can't get enough 80th Birthday photos

Polly & Grandpa (& Bill)

What a great weekend! We loved being there for Grandma & Grandpa's birthday party. What a great family to spend the weekend with. Polly loved playing with all the cousins, trying on anyones & everyone's glasses & dancing with Max. That's what we should have taken pictures of! :)
I loved being at the marathon with all the runners & family. I was glad to see pictures of Polly & my dad at the finish since I wasn't able to get to the finish line before him despite the extra 25 pound load. I also got a picture of Bill before the finish line. He heard us cheering but had a hard time locating us on the sidelines.
Thanks to Bob for our group shot in the runners circle & to the "fleshy" man at the airport for taking one right before Dad flew home. It was a great weekend with Grandma & Grandpa. I love sitting out on the deck & enjoying the warm weather with nothing to do but chase Polly around. Thanks for always having us, the grilled cheese & strawberry shortcake are the best I have ever had! Thanks to my dad for a full tank of gas, a great after-marathon meal (with the good company of the Irvine Emmett's) a great breakfast at good old Village Inn & a fun weekend. We are already getting excited to come out in a few weeks!
More pictures to come for Memorial Day weekend & in a few weeks when Polly & I go out to Illinois June 6-13

Michael finishes first Marathon

.....and he didn't need to be carried by Uncle Jake. Bill was quick to praise young Mikey's effort. At about mile 23, Bill waived Michael ahead and ended up finishing a few minutes behind Mikey. Jake (and Polly) were a few more minutes behind. Michael asked John how his time compared to John's best and John was 'forced' to inform Michael that he wasn't close to John's best time of 3:23 - the gauntlet is laid down. We'll see how fast Michael can be if he manages to get some training in prior to the next marathon. Annie, John, Beth, Jack, Elise and I were all impressed with Mikey, Bill and Jake finishing on an exceptionally warm day.

Polly finishes her first marathon