Monday, April 30, 2007

Where in the World is Brian's luggage

The first report from South Africa:

Hey Guys!
I'm in South Africa! The flight was pretty long I must say. 5.5 hours to NYC, 30 minutes to eat a slice of pizza before I had to board for the 7 hour flight to Dakar, Sengal. We landed there and had to stay on board for an hour as we switched crew and picked up a few more people. Then we had the 8 hour flight from Dakar to Johannesburg. Gnarly is the only way to describe it. I slept most of the way to NYC, but then only an hour or so on the first leg to Africa, then probably 2.5 hours to Joburg.
The place I am staying at is pretty sweet. It is just like a lodge. The guy who lives here is super cool, we just ordered a pizza. He'll give me a ride to the airport tomorrow, which will save me from paying the schemeing taxi drivers. It cost me about 30 bucks to get here. The taxi drivers had one of their friends drive me so there was no meter. It is just your typical bed and breakfast place though.
Have you guys seen my luggage? I guess I will get it on Wednesday, according to South African Airways. I noticed the two other kids that flew out of LAX also didn't get their luggage. D'oh!
Well, I'll meet up with the others tomorrow and then I'm off to Maputo! Joburg is 10 hours ahead of you guys (pretty sure) so I might be 11 hours ahead in Mozambique. Take care.

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  1. Glad to find out Brian made it to Africa safely. Sounds like he is learning some of the hard facts of life and we hope his luggage shows up sometime.