Sunday, April 22, 2007

Aunt Jo Ann is one tough cookie

A tumble on her cement walkway in February is nothing compared to the past two days.

The latest post surgery update from Patrica:

Greetings everyone!
Mother has spent almost 48 hours in the intensive care unit but the staff is already discussing putting her in a regular room later on this afternoon. Her first 24 hours were amazing since she didn't have any pain medication or epidural and felt no pain! The doctors, nurses, and acute pain team were amazed and had her roll over to make sure the medication wasn't going through the epidural. She was talking and kidding the staff and felt well enough to call some of us in the morning. Today the honeymoon is over and she has been experiencing pain and is less talkative but still aware of what is going on. She has been out of bed for a short walk (to the door of the room and back!) yesterday and today and amazingly the nurse has heard some quiet bowel sounds. So all in all things are going forward.
Thank you all so much for your loving care for our family. We are saving all your e-mails so Mom can read them when she is feeling better. We are so grateful to be part of such wonderful families.
The Hickman's

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