Monday, April 23, 2007

Where in the world is Mikey going?

Michael's Missionary Application papers have been submitted and according to the status shows "received at headquarters". Now is the time to email your guess to: or you can post your prediction below in the comment box.

Here's some help. For a list of missions go to

My memory is not so good, but this is my best effort at a list of where Michael's other family members have served:

Grandma/Grandpa - Connecticut Hartford
Dad and Uncles
Bob - Japan Nagoya
Bill - Kentucky/Tennessee/Nauvoo
Chad - Indonesia
Jake - Philadelphia, PA
Tom - England London South
Jim - Taiwan
Gary - Japan Fukuoka
Mark - Japan Kobe
Brothers and Cousins
John - Denmark Copenhagen
Brian - Brazil Porto Alegre South
Ben - Brazil Salvador South
JD - Germany Hamburg
Lorin - Philippines
Adam - Spain Madrid
Tyler - Mexico Merida
Curtis - Russia Yekaterinburg
Andy - Canada Calgary
Matt - Mexico
Jed - El Salvador
JD - North Carolina
Dave - Brazil Porto Alegre North
Jacob - Tulsa Oklahoma departs August 2007


  1. My prediction is "land of the Amish" - Pennsylvania, Harrisburg!

  2. As I told Brian...I have always wanted to know someone who has gone to France. So that's my guess...I have guessed it for the past 15 missionaries I know...16th time is a charm right Brian?

  3. For our FHE activity Joel says somewhere in Africa (is there a prize for winning he asks?). Sarah says Brazil (Rio de Janeiro). Marie says Orlando Florida. Chad says Sofia Bulgaria. Will points to Siberia Russia on the map quilt made by Grandma. Michael will love wherever he goes.

  4. We too had a fun FHE. I picked Scotland, Beth picked Atlanta, and Jack picked Sweden. He pointed at both Spain Seville and Stockholm Sweden but we all know ties go in favor of Scandinavia.

  5. For our FHE, we read 2NE 28-29 with Mikey then I picked New Zealand Wellington and Annie picked Hartford Connecticut Spanish speaking. I think Jack made a fine pick with Sweden.

  6. I would have to say my guess is Thailand...or Cambodia.

  7. Cape Verde - Praia. Who wouldn't want to go to a mission that speaks Portuguese and when translated to English it is called the "Beach" mission

  8. Like Paige, I'm leaning to the French side of things, only on this side of the pond, as in Ontario, Quebec.

    Tres Bon!

  9. My vote is for the Houston, TX South mission, spanish speaking.

  10. Here's a few more predictions...
    ...Lesa says Illinois, Peoria
    ...Molly says Canada, Montreal
    ...Erin says Brazil, Salvador South

  11. Tom picks Oklahoma Oklahoma City
    Shelly thinks Texas San Antonio
    Sam claims Australia Perth
    Mac says Georgia Atlanta North
    Alex is going with Italy Milan