Saturday, April 21, 2007


Emmettville, huh? Not bad.
Today was a great day! We had a barbeque at our home in West Jordan. In attendance; Lorin, Paige, Polly, John, Beth, Jack, Adrienne, Allison, Max, Laura, Kristin & Brian. Good times. It was really sunny this morning but we saw clouds rolling in from Herriman (south west) & it did sprinkle & get a little chilly, but nothing too bad. We had burgers, fruit...yummy dip Laura! Thanks so much to Adrienne, Allison & Laura for driving so far & bring everything but drinks & buns prettymuch. :) It was great to see everyone & we took some fun pictures of the kids. When Lorin & I saw Brian & Emily at Chad & Marie's for Easter, we both taked about how we have such a fun group of cousins & should hang out more. So we made it happen! John suggested today since Kristin was in town for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon & Brian would be leaving soon for Mozambique! I can't wait to get pictures & "blogs" from Brian when he is gone! :) When we were all here & Kristin got online to check email, she told us all about Emmettville & it sounded good to me! I got Bob to add me in & promised him the update on the barbeque asap. It was just a good time talking, laughing & changing diapers! Polly was all over the place & looks huge in the pictures compared to Max & Jack. Max was also all over the place, must be the age, & giving high fives to everyone in the room. Jack was content to sit & smile at anyone & anything, so cute! We all couldn't believe how big he has gotten since Christmas! Well Grandma & Grandpa, you have a great family that loves you & we love eachother! Happy Birthday!


  1. The barbeque looks like it was a blast! I'm so sad I couldn't make it...but since I procrastinated studying I had to force myself to study in the library before my 4 o'clock final. I hope we get together again soon and congrats Kristin!

  2. The barbeque was fun but about half of us were sick all weekend! So that was no good. Glad we are all over it & happy for those that were lucky enough to get away healthy!