Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pink Flamingoes, Green Eggs, and White Soccer Balls - Happy Easter!

The deer have devoured all our tulips and pansies, leaving just one single crocus with which to celebrate spring.  Adrienne and Laura, recognizing that our yard could use more color, flocked us Saturday morning with pink flamingoes in support of the Child and Family Support Center.  Oblivious as usual, I retrieved the newspaper from the front steps while they were flocking and didn't notice a thing.

Then it was off for some soccer.  Max and Chance play on the same team, coached by Tyler, and the boys seem to be getting the basics down pretty well.  They can certainly pose for a pre-game photo pretty well.

Coach Falslev pointing out where Chance needs to throw in.

Chance and Max, each taking advantage of proper tongue placement, move the ball upfield.

Koebe and Jaxson, who are teammates as well, are also pretty skilled, each scoring a goal for their team.

After morning soccer fun, it was back to the house for some burgers, salads, and desserts.  The weather cooperated enough for some relaxation on the deck.

Then came time for the Easter treat hunt.  Nash, undaunted by raspberry canes, grabs hold of her prize.

Jack seems to have found almost more than he can handle.

What better way to celebrate a successful Easter Egg hunt than among our friends the flamingoes.

We end the day with the traditional "rolling of the colored eggs" from atop College Hill, followed shortly by the traditional "dodging of the seagulls scavanging egg parts" from College Hill.

Good times.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend as well.


  1. Love the soccer skills.... and check out that intense coach.

  2. Great photos showing the life goes one after the ski resorts close.