Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy 11th Birthday Alex

Alex enjoyed his breakfast of choice before his school day. Two eggs, 2 pieces of white toast, 3 strips of bacon and a large glass of milk.

One of his gifts is a life size FatHead sticker of Alex catching some air on skis

His soccer game was called after about 7 minutes of play because of lightning. Good.... we were off to dinner quicker. Grandma Emmett joined the Nyman clan for a pizza and pasta at Firehouse. Five days before his 11th birthday Alex skied his first decent of No-Name at Snowbasin with his uncle Bill and Bob and cousin John, a 10 minute hike is required to get to the avalanche controlled ski area. Can you say Powder?


  1. Happy Birthday Alex! What a great picture of you catching air!

  2. If anyone deserves their own FatHead, its rock star Alex!