Monday, December 14, 2009

It's 11 days until Christmas!

After having watched the East wall of the yellow bedroom disintigrate from water damage for quite a while we finally called Alpine Resoration and started the drawn-out process of repairing the damages. When they got into finding the cause it turned out to be a long standing leak in the main bathroom shower upstairs that had both gone through the wall into the Blue bedroom and rotted much of the wooden support for the shower as well as soaking the wall in the basement bedroom. Our initial word from the insurance company was that they would pay anything above the $1000 dedictable for water damage but that we would have to pay all of the shower replacement. Now we aren't sure if they will pay anything - the adjuster said they only pay for "sudden catastrophic losses like a pipe bursting" but not long standiing leaks because that indicates "wear and tear." Oh well, "loose a few, loose a few" seems to apply to us fairly regularly. For the past 3 weeks we have had a steady stream of people in and out of the house trying to decide what to do, starting to do it, and now, finally, getting some of the work done. The pictures were taken today to show you the current status. If we are lucky, we should have everything put back together in time for the Christmas Season. We were supposed to get an estimate on having the carpets "touched up" today but so far the cleaner hasn't appeared yet. However, Norda just reminded me that we do have 8 extra beds, 3 futons, 5 toilets, 6 sinks, 3 showers, 2 tubs, no Partridges in a pear tree, and lots of love for the entire family so come one, come all!

There are usually from 1 to 3 workmen's trucks parked in front.
Waiting for the shower to be replaced.

The new-fangled shower control after the 50 year old model was removed.

Patch work in the Blue bedroom under way.

Different view of the same problem.

Replacing the damaged wall in the Yellow bedroom downstairs.
Isn't it great that things weren't worse than they are?


  1. Too bad about the leak but I guess it could have been worse. Will the workers be coming to Christmas dinner? They must seem like part of the family by now.

  2. Mom has always enjoyed friendly company going in and out of her house and I trust Dad didn't miss out on any naps during the ruckus. Looking forward to meeting them at Christmas dinner.

  3. Great post. Sorry you are having to deal with this inconvenience at this point in life. If they come for dinner they can then stick around and help Mary with the nativity program.

  4. Just when you thought you might make it through this life without ever showering in the downstairs shower.... I assume the panel board in the yellow bedroom did not survive. I just hope the cork board with all the Lundberg calendar photos makes it back on the wall.

  5. Update as of Wednesday morning: The upstairs shower and the painting should be finished today, we hope to get the downstairs shower re-grouted tomorrow, and the high traffic areas of carpet will be cleaned on Friday. We are also hoping to have someone (Clark?) put up new cork surfacing in the yellow bedroom to allow posting of Mary's calendar pictures and minimize the impact of the bright yellow wall. The only other major project will be to get an increased water flow in the downstairs shower (I am not sure if Bob's shower head has a water reducer in place or if the washers in the control valve need replaciing.)