Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas night at the Twin Pine Ranch 2009

Many pictures of individuals are not included but those included are intended to document the fact that we did have the family here for dinner, a pageant, group singing, a program, and generally just enjoying each others company. We realize not everyone in the extended family could make it and want them to know they were missed. Having the family together really means a lot to Norda and me, so thank you to all who attended and/or participated!

Getting the food on the plates.

One of the 5 tables of attendees.

Another one.

And still another.

Almost through.

Grand finale.
Bob as Samuel the Lamanite.

Polly as the Angel who appeared to Mary.

Joseph, Mary, and the Angel.

The baby Jesus with admirers in the stable.

After addinig the shephers and the Three Wise Men

Close-up of participants.

Bill the narrator.

Participants helping sing "Pictutre a Stable" after the pageant.

Part of the audience helping with the singing.

Part of the cast doing likewise.

Others in the cast helping with singing.

Amanda, Jim, and Molly adding music to the program.

Jackie and Brian doing likewise.

Mac playing a difficult piano piece.

Ben and Courtney adding to the program.

Ben playing guitar.

Polly and Carly dancing for program watchers.

Lundberg sisters doing kick line during program.

Participants during community singing finale.
And a good time was had by all!


  1. Thanks to Norda and Papa John each Christmas is the best Christmas ever and this year was no exception!

  2. I have to agree with Jake - another in a long line of Best Christmases ever. Even though it looked like Samuel was hit by stones, he survived to prophesy again next year. Can't wait to have the Beit Emmett's back - maybe they'll bring better skiing conditions with them. Thanks dad for the photos and to mom who once again pulled off a spectacular feast on Christmas and spend most of her 'spare' time making Æbleskivers. They were delicious!

  3. Excellent post grandpa! You covered it all. Thanks to grandma and grandpa for all the hard work they did again this year. It was a fun night!