Thursday, December 17, 2009


In no particular order, which starts out with Tom and Shelly and their most important family,
here is a sort of overview of Tom's 45 years so far. May the future be as bright as the past has been!

Tom, Shelly, Sam, Mac, and Alex in ski gear - what else?

Tom as nearly new born 1964.

Tom as New Year Baby 1966

Tom masquerading as Hoss.

Tom and Mary at Spring Hollow.

Tom laughing.

Tom pointing out entrance to Amazon Mine in Logan Canyon.

Tom and brothers in Eddie Bauer sweaters.

Tom and Shelly on lift at Beaver.

Tom skiing - what else is new? I Tought him everything I knew
and he still doesn't ski the way I do.


  1. Great pictures of the baby of the family who rose to a level of skiing that surpasses all others. He sure is a cute kid at any age!

  2. Thanks for all the love... We had a tstey dinnner tonight with Mom and Dad at Texas Roadhouse, too much to eat but I'm in carbo/protein training. I took Alex, Mac and Sam skiing for Beavers opening day, more snow needed... I asked for it, maybe for Christmas.