Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome Home Elder Emmett

What a Great Day! As you can see above, there were a few tears, but way more smiles and laughs. I had told Michael I expected him to run down the stairs into baggage claim. He did as he was told and ran down the empty escalator only to find no one waiting for him. He was about 15 minutes early and we were sitting down waiting rather than standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting like most missionary families. Kristin and Annie caught of glimpse of 'a missionary' on the escalator and quickly reacted.

Here Michael and Annie chat with Brian on the phone while we wait for his luggage.

Smiles everywhere

Micheal meets Lily for the first time and gets reacquainted with Jack.

Proud Papa

Proud Parents!

Jack, Kristin and Annie lead Michael up the escalator. After stopping for gas, we made a bee-line to the West Highland Stake Center so that President Anderson, a counselor in the Presidency could release Michael. After he interviewed Michael, we all gathered in the High Council room and Michael shared a few experiences and his testimony before removing his badge. After a quick look at the home we are buying and a change of clothes it was off to a late lunch at Cafe Rio in American Fork. Fun Day! As Michael's father, I can't really express in words how proud I am of his service to The Lord, his fellow missionaries and the great people in Colorado. Well Done.


  1. Welcome home bud. After looking at the picture of you talking to me, I can now see why I could barely hear anything. Anyways, I'm bummed I won't be there to listen in on your awkward phone calls to girls like you were there for me in my first week back.

  2. What a non-surprise. We had always assumed you were proud of Michael and his missionary service. So were we. It will be good to see him in the flesh and to be able to attend his mission report in Highland.

  3. Welcome home Elder M @ Em! Colorado's loss is Utah/California/Hawaii's gain.

  4. A job well done Elder E. You look tall....

  5. Whohoo!!!! So glad to see everyone together again.