Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summertime chillin' with The Fray

Does it get any better than a warm summer's eve at the Usana amphitheater, sitting on some Norda tied quilts, while listening to the sounds of Jack's Mannequin and The Fray? Well, actually yes, according to Grandma and Grandpa, but as for the rest of us, it was a fun time.

The entire gang between shows. JD's comments to the crowd watching our photo shoot had us all laughing.

Katie and Mac's nerves are indeed "frayed" with anticipation.

Okay now, let's all sing along . . . "How to save a life . . . "

For the record, I was officially the oldest person attending the concert and Lorie recognized not one but TWO of the songs performed. Thank you.


  1. Thanks for dragging Mac along, she loved it. I chuckle because she bought a concert t-shirt, I never have had a concert shirt...

  2. We are glad for two things (1) that you all had a good time and (2) that we didn't have to go! Thanks goodness there are still CD's available of Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and Tommy Dorsey - that is the only music we recognize.

  3. It looks as though I am flying solo at the concert, but Tyler was there!! You just can't really see him in any of the pictures. It was a fun night!