Monday, July 6, 2009

the 3rd of July Festviities

On the 3rd of July we went to the Real Salt Lake vs San Jose Soccer game. Shelly and another soccer mom were in charge of Sam and Alex's club night at the game. They sold tickets and organized events for a club fundraiser. Because of Shelly's hard work and being in charge, Alex's was able to be part of the "Dream Team" and walk out on the field with a Real player, Andy Williams #77.

Alex is on our far left/end. He said it was scary but he was glad he participated.

Someone for got to tell Alex to talk off his hat during the National Anthem.... ooops It was a bummer the score ended in a 1-1 tie after finally scoring in the 90th minute.

The next day we were able to do the Bees Baseball game, they lost in 12 innings but the fireworks were better then the Real game


  1. Katie had a great time at the Bees game. Thanks. Our neighbor, Kyler Erickson, was also on the RSL field. Soccer mania reigns.

  2. It was a fun game, thanks for letting us purchase tickets and sit by you!! I could go for some more of those sugared almonds right now!