Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie

Katie "The Bug" Emmett has turned into a teenager! Katie is 13 years old today, where has the time gone. Although I do miss her chubby cheeks, it's fun having another sister to go to movies with and just hang out! She is such a great Aunt to her 6 nephews and 1 niece. She is such a cute little dancer, and its been fun watching her progress each year. We love having Katie in our family!
Katie age 2 ( i think) on the beach with Sam
Katie age 6 with nephew Koebe
Maximo and Katie (sorry I don't know her age here... its a couple years ago)
Katie and the gang watching Father Bill run "The Top of Utah" --September 2008
Katie enjoying a ski day with her favorite sisters and Dad on his birthday January 2009
Carving Pumpkins-- October 2008


  1. Happy Birthday Katie! I can't believe that you are OFFICIALLY a teenager! I too miss your chubby cheeks but it is fun to have another sister to pal around with! Love you!

  2. Happy Birthday Katie Bug! I will always remember holding you at a Hi-Lo drill team competition & the women sitting behind me talking about your "chubby little hands"

    I'm glad you made it to 13yrs since I let you get injured so many times while I babysat you at grandma's...falling out of the swing, hitting your head on the corner of the door, hitting your head on the curb outside & burning your little hand on the treadmill (watch out Merrick!)

  3. I am sure we are all greatful that Katie has made it this far. It has been a real joy to watch her blossom from a cute baby to a young lady - just keep it up.

  4. Katie, Happy B Day!!! Text me, Uncle Tom