Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Paddy's Day at the Beav with Jack

Getting ready in the basement locker room. The good news was that even though Jack needed help getting his boots on, his grandpa didn't need anyone to help with his new boots.

Jack and John on Little Beav. Jack's one word description of the lift ride, "high".

The Happy Family on the Dream Lift

The Boys at the Top.

Jack owns Gentle Ben

Tears? Not allowed. Grandpa.........

Grandpa takes his turn with the old school technique of putting Jack between my skis. The tears are soon replaced by a smile.

It's fun to ski with Grandpa!

Son following dad to Deadhorse Point.

Four Generations pose for a rare photo op.

Jack, Beth and Bob all thought St Patrick's Day required baby blue. Beth had lots of encouragement for her first born.

One last ride up Little Beav with Grandpa. "Wave to mom and dad!"

PARTING SHOT: Can anyone doubt that Beth is a true Emmett? Here she models her new outfit from Norda's Park City while enjoying a cold Dr. Pepper.


  1. If John and Beth are rushing things a little with Jack he doesn't seem to know or care. What a mellow little great-grandson! He didn't even mind sharing his French fries today.

  2. John said, "Look Dad, I can buckle my own boots."