Sunday, March 29, 2009

Running with the Bison

The March madness of running continued this year on Antelope Island as the Buffalo Run 50 mile, 50K, and 25K were off and running. I, along with about seven fellow Cache Valley runners gathered in the early hours for the 25k. The weather was chilly early, but perfect for running after the sun got going.

Sunrise lighting up Antelope Island.

Team Cache Valley plots the new route for this year. A new trail allowed for less road running, but required an immediate uphill start.

The first uphill trail through the rock garden. The shot is looking west with White Rock Bay in the foreground.

Scott Datwyler and Ron Stagg heading east before turning south towards snow-capped Frary Peak.

Dave Isom cruising past Split Rock.

The trail levels out a bit after climbing the switchbacks out of Split Rock Bay.

Working our way up.

Running past a rock corral once used to hold wild horses that had been left on the island.

Heading back south with Ben Lomond and Willard Peaks in the background. The runners seemingly confused and running the wrong direction are actually the 50K'ers heading out for the second loop. I did this last year but now I'm one year smarter.

Dave heading south before the final turn back north and the finish. This is the new trail section and it was a bit bumpy from the early spring horse traffic, but for the most part, this is a great trail run with excellent trail conditions.


  1. Thanks for the posting these pics. They are nearly enough to convince me to come out and run it one year however with my luck it would snow on race day.

  2. Great photos! Next time you're with Jake have him so you how he takes self pics while running uphill on a rocky trail. btw, how did 'Split Rock' get it's name?

  3. Excellent blog. I'm with Jake however let me emphasize "nearly". Congrates.

  4. We are both glad you survived the March madness on Antelope Island but we will leave the temptation to join you in the future to Jake - however unnatural either of your thoughts may be. It does look like a nice day for a run if that is your cup of tea but we spent the morning clearing snow off the sidewalks and driveways in the neighborhood - the storm was "bad" enough that our Bishopric cancelled Church except for those who had a real strong desire to take the sacrament.