Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9, 2009 Snowstorm

Looking out from the patio to show how much snow was on the bench surrounding the skis. It was about 17 inches when this was taken.

Snow on the roof of the shed with more falling all the time.

Snow on the air conditioner.

The snow kept sliding off the roof all afternoon. Shortly after this was taken a big slab fell on the basketball court. Norda got covered twice while she was shoveling in front of the garage door.

This is looking at the slab that came loose while standing in the back doorway. We had to clear the snow with the snow blower twice - once in the morning and then by 4 pm there was another 5 or 6 inches of snow again. The snow was fairly wet so it was hard to keep the blower open - in fact, I had to leave the basketball court undone because the blower wouldn't handle it. Maybe later if it dries out some I will be able to clear it off. This much snow is really difficult for us old-timer's to handle so it is problematic whether we will try to go the Beaver tomorrow. Tuesday may turn out to be another snowblower day like today was. Norda was out first thing in the morning with her Christmas snow blower but it eventually got so plugged up that she had to quit after an hour and a half so she shoveled the snow quite a few times during the day that came off the roof. Between Don Larsen and us we were able to cover the neighborhood from Marie Daines to both sides of 600 North and then on to Dave Morrill's (he bought Ramona Smith's home.)


  1. What a storm! Looks like Jake is going to be a day or two late for a trip to the white room at the Beav with the bros. Glad to hear you are watching over the elderly and widows in the neighborhood. Some things never change! Keep it up!!

  2. Great photos and report. I happily shoveled a very wet three inches last night from our drive and walks and from the widow's drive across the street. The kids were in bed and it was cold and quiet outside. I love cold quiet snowy nights especially when the snow is thick enough to muffle sounds and when the snow reflects light so that it seems almost like day. Almost heaven.

  3. Looks like we missed a good storm! I wish Japan had nice Utah snow... they just have hard icy snow. Looks like we will be skiing the Beav when we get back!