Sunday, March 8, 2009

Alex takes Gold

Saturday March 7th, 2009 - Beaver Mountain
Coach Sam watching her #1 racer

Alex's 2nd run to Gold for the 7-8 ages @ the Harold Seeholzer Memorial Race

I'm not sure but I think he knows how to carve a turn and use the edges.....

Mac and Sam on the lift

Our other brother Daryl Glenn NOT using his edges. He beat our other brother Clair after Clairs mishap and fall.


  1. How about a big "shout out" for Alex for winning Gold at the Harold Seeholzer Memorial race yesterday. I am sure Harry didn't realized the can of worms that he had opened when he introdsuced me to skiing 71 years ago but I have always been thankful that the family was willing to continue on with the addiction.

  2. It's a great addiction to have even when the 'young guns' like Alex turns 'em so much better turn than I ever will.

  3. Alex is a Star! I love the top photo of coach Sam eying her star pupil.