Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Allison

A very happy birthday to Ali-bob! (sorry, but I couldn't find a single photo of Allison quickly enough)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby Blessing

For those of you that want to block out October 12th on your calendar, that is when Lorin will be blessing Bruce. We are going to have it here in Riverton at 4:30 after the last block in our building. I will get official directions & details as soon as we get everything cleared through our bishop. We understand those that can't make it but wanted to extend the invitation to everyone. Just let us know if you plan to come, we will have refreshments afterward & dinner for those who will be traveling & want to stick around to eat before heading home.

Congratulations to Adam & Melissa! Can't wait to see you guys, hope all is going well!

Is it more official once it is blogged?

Baby Marquis (lil' hobbit) will be coming to an L.A. loft March 2009
"It" is now 15 weeks and the heart sounds great! This ultrasound is at 11 wks. (still alienesque)

Oct. 28th our "it" baby will either stay as lil' hobbit or become lil' hobbita...I had a dream it was a he (if that makes any difference?)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Springville soccer season

Joel has blossomed into quite the soccer player. Participating in a BYU soccer camp last summer certainly helped. At the beginning of the season a neighbor offered his son $5 for any goal he made. Joel then came to me with a similar proposal. How could I say no? I had to keep up with the Hodsons. Joel's first three goals came on the two nights when I had work duties. I finally got to see a goal last saturday. I'm now happily out $20, but have added a new rule that there is a $20 limit on the season (at least coming from my wallet)

This kick resulted in his fourth goal of the season

While Joel plays soccer, Sarah has blossomed into a babysitter extraordinare. She entertains the gang of four kids on our street (all have big brothers on Joel's team) with all kinds of creative play. Two moms were so appreciative of her kinder care while they watch the games that they gave Sarah $20.

Will and his new spiderman back pack for his first day of two-mornings-a week pre-school.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shelly's & My Best Marathon

Top Of Utah Marathon 2008, 26.2 miles

We slept in, drove to the half way point, took some photos, jogged up the hill back to the car, took some more photos, kept seeing this fast guy in an orange Norda's shirt, "run slow, ski fast..." and now we feel good enough to go for a bike ride. p.s. Well Done Bill!

The mouth of Blacksmith Fork Canyon, 14 miles down...


" My Nipples aren't bleeding and my DP tastes great!"

The support crew

"High Five!"

"I'm going to Boston!"
"Dr.Pepper...? I think I'll try one to see if i like it?"

"As I lay in bed, paralyzed, my legs useless stumps, I could only imagine the joy of running around the block, let alone a full marathon. And then my tear-stained gaze drifted to the window, the snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch rising dramatically in the distance, and my heart suddenly knew that I would indeed finish a marathon one day . . . ." YPR

Monday, September 15, 2008


Shout out to the Birthday Boy!!!
Happy Day Chad.... Keep Smiling!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Norda Fife as "The Bride"

A coworker of Shelly's found an old program in her mothers home in Brigham - a Hansen who owned a jewelery store in Brigham. This must of been the play that prepared Mom for her glamours courtship with Dad... and she is still a cute bride today.
Norda said she was in 1st grade during the Operetta with the entire school. With lots of crepe paper, bright colors, trees, big hats and skirts. The story was about someone trying to destroy the flowers. Someone saved the flowers and a big dance of the flowers and the wedding followed. Mom was of course dressed in white. Too bad no one had a video camera at the time.

Monday, September 8, 2008

From observers at LOTOJA 2008

The only semi-bad thing about LOTOJA this year was that we ended up with some left over peach ice cream but it will most likely get eaten sometime so that may not be too bad after all. It was fun to be vicarious participants again - in fact, we even felt somewhat needed after we showed Jackie how to get out of town in Montpelier. The garage is now cleaned out, the beds are made, and life is about back to normal so there is a happy ending to it all. Congratulations to everyone who made the effort, including the support teams, Bob's personal best time, Brian's perseverance in spite of saddle sores, Tom and Shelly having a somewhat relaxed time with friends, and, of course, John's third place finish in his age group. We aren't sure whether we would tackle it even if we were younger and in better shape - probably not. Anyway, we, too, are looking forward to the race next year and hope it will be as much fun as it was this year. A big shout-out for everyone who made it so memorable this year!

Partial carb loading at the Olive Garden.

The other side of the group.

Bill, John, and Bob preparing some of the "stuff" to be consumed during the race.

Tom and Shelly in Afton.
Bob's guess on this conversation: "You should have seen me. I was at the front pulling at 30 mph into a fierce headwind. We were flyin'....."
Tom counters: "I started cramping coming up that hill outside of town, OUCH!!!"

John during his brief stop in Montpelier. It looks like some road rash on his right leg proves an earlier crash couldn't stop him.

John waiting to hit the road again.

Bob bringing a big smile to his brief stop in Montpelier.

Bob heading out from Montpelier on his way to Afton.

Brian arriving at Montpelier.

Jackie and Norda supporting Brian in Montpelier.

Brian removing his toe warmers in Montpelier.

Corte changing water bottle in Montpelier.

Kristin and Jackie at the feed zone in Montpelier.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pre-LoToJa Soccer = 5 out of 6 Goals

Sam only got 5 of 6 goals tonight against Ben Lomond. Her daft coach said during try outs, "I just don't see you as a forward." The poor Scott's couldn't find the back of the net. I was a bit sad when Bill, Lorie and Katie missed Sam's first goal in the first 3 minutes of play but they caught the other goals.
Sam got tripped up in the box. She took the PK and scored...

One of several break aways...

Milliseconds before her right footed goal (she is still a southpaw)
The fifth goal....