Sunday, September 14, 2008

Norda Fife as "The Bride"

A coworker of Shelly's found an old program in her mothers home in Brigham - a Hansen who owned a jewelery store in Brigham. This must of been the play that prepared Mom for her glamours courtship with Dad... and she is still a cute bride today.
Norda said she was in 1st grade during the Operetta with the entire school. With lots of crepe paper, bright colors, trees, big hats and skirts. The story was about someone trying to destroy the flowers. Someone saved the flowers and a big dance of the flowers and the wedding followed. Mom was of course dressed in white. Too bad no one had a video camera at the time.

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  1. At the time of the program I hadn'd had the pleasure of meeting Miss Fife but I am sure I would haver recognized her many sterlng qualities if I had been given the opportunity. At any rate, "all's well that ends well" but we are still a little ways from the finish line. The knee is coming along fine but slowly - with more time it should be even better.