Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Is it more official once it is blogged?

Baby Marquis (lil' hobbit) will be coming to an L.A. loft March 2009
"It" is now 15 weeks and the heart sounds great! This ultrasound is at 11 wks. (still alienesque)

Oct. 28th our "it" baby will either stay as lil' hobbit or become lil' hobbita...I had a dream it was a he (if that makes any difference?)


  1. YAHOO!!! that is awesome news!! Congratulations!

  2. We were glad to get the official news today. Now you can legally be on the prayer list even though you have been there unofficially since we first heard via the grape vine. We will always have room for another addition to the extended family.

  3. Frodo looks good (or as good as a hobbit can look under those circumstances). And blogging is the ONLY officially recognized notification avenue for soon-to-be-born hobbits (or hobbitas) who will be living in an L.A.loft. Congrats!!

  4. Lil' hobbit it so cute already! Congratulations. It's also very lucky to have such great parents.