Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shelly's & My Best Marathon

Top Of Utah Marathon 2008, 26.2 miles

We slept in, drove to the half way point, took some photos, jogged up the hill back to the car, took some more photos, kept seeing this fast guy in an orange Norda's shirt, "run slow, ski fast..." and now we feel good enough to go for a bike ride. p.s. Well Done Bill!

The mouth of Blacksmith Fork Canyon, 14 miles down...


" My Nipples aren't bleeding and my DP tastes great!"

The support crew

"High Five!"

"I'm going to Boston!"
"Dr.Pepper...? I think I'll try one to see if i like it?"

"As I lay in bed, paralyzed, my legs useless stumps, I could only imagine the joy of running around the block, let alone a full marathon. And then my tear-stained gaze drifted to the window, the snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch rising dramatically in the distance, and my heart suddenly knew that I would indeed finish a marathon one day . . . ." YPR


  1. We were sorry we couldn't be their in person but were most pleased with the outcome - have fun in Boston next Spring.

  2. Well, I certainly could not have done it without my HomeCrew! Tom and Shelly were everywhere. Katie, Koebe, Jax, Max, and Chance were highfivin' machines. And Lorie was the biggest cheerleader of all, dreaming of fresh seafood along the coast of Mass as she handed me the bottle. The colors in the canyon were the best yet, and the temperature was perfect. I had a great time.

  3. Wow. That account brings chills and tears! GB boy proved once again that he is the man. Well done! I hope we can expect the same great effort in the race for the cure....

  4. Blistering time! I imagine the pace you set caused any GB virus (or whatever) that might have remained inside your body to coward in fear and and quickly exited via the nearest sweat gland never to return. Well done indeed and death to GB, my boy. Enjoy Boston redux.

  5. After the TOU we went to Alex's soccer game then a post marathon carbo load lunch and drove back to center and main. A couple was still walking the final mile. They must of finished in about 7:45 hours, WOW. Anyone can run for 3:33 hours but I know I couldn't keep going much past 6 hours.