Monday, September 8, 2008

From observers at LOTOJA 2008

The only semi-bad thing about LOTOJA this year was that we ended up with some left over peach ice cream but it will most likely get eaten sometime so that may not be too bad after all. It was fun to be vicarious participants again - in fact, we even felt somewhat needed after we showed Jackie how to get out of town in Montpelier. The garage is now cleaned out, the beds are made, and life is about back to normal so there is a happy ending to it all. Congratulations to everyone who made the effort, including the support teams, Bob's personal best time, Brian's perseverance in spite of saddle sores, Tom and Shelly having a somewhat relaxed time with friends, and, of course, John's third place finish in his age group. We aren't sure whether we would tackle it even if we were younger and in better shape - probably not. Anyway, we, too, are looking forward to the race next year and hope it will be as much fun as it was this year. A big shout-out for everyone who made it so memorable this year!

Partial carb loading at the Olive Garden.

The other side of the group.

Bill, John, and Bob preparing some of the "stuff" to be consumed during the race.

Tom and Shelly in Afton.
Bob's guess on this conversation: "You should have seen me. I was at the front pulling at 30 mph into a fierce headwind. We were flyin'....."
Tom counters: "I started cramping coming up that hill outside of town, OUCH!!!"

John during his brief stop in Montpelier. It looks like some road rash on his right leg proves an earlier crash couldn't stop him.

John waiting to hit the road again.

Bob bringing a big smile to his brief stop in Montpelier.

Bob heading out from Montpelier on his way to Afton.

Brian arriving at Montpelier.

Jackie and Norda supporting Brian in Montpelier.

Brian removing his toe warmers in Montpelier.

Corte changing water bottle in Montpelier.

Kristin and Jackie at the feed zone in Montpelier.


  1. It was a great time, great family and friends and a great way to spend a day, long day that is.

  2. Dad, thanks for the great photos. It was a long, hard and very exciting day that would never be possible without all the great support!! Our prayers are with you today.

  3. Congratulations to everyone involved. A PR for Bob and third place age-group finish for John - impressive. Excellent photos. Go Team Norda's!