Thursday, May 8, 2008

Same Stuff - Different Day

Last Tuesday night Mac had a recital, Sam had a game and Alex had a game all going on at once..., just a typical evening in.

Mac didn't miss one note at her recital. Grandpa Emmett is on the mend and made an appearance. Very impressive play.

Sam wishing she was on the ski hill... but still kicking/crossing/assisting well.

Alex has game, always playing at full speed. Notice the technical kick with his laces (his private coach Sam has been helping).


  1. These kids have skills! I'm impressed with how polished and professional Mac looks at the piano.

  2. Cute and talented - These kids have it all!

  3. What a dull routine - only three things on the same evening. We timed Mac and she played for 2 minutes 15 seconds and didn't hit a clinker once and she did just as well playing a duet with her teacher. Sorry we had to miss the soccer games but Sam and Alex both look good.

  4. I'm glad to see Tom and Shelly don't have to worry about what to do in their spare time. So sorry to hear about Sam's ankle. Rest, ice and a Dr. Pepper should get her on a quick road to recovery.