Friday, May 23, 2008

one more blog... norda's

Here is a link to one more blog for your viewing pleasure....

Please fell free to us a link on your blogs and sites to encourage friends to take a look.
The blog's content can also be viewed on but with out the links and comments.
Cheers, Tom


  1. I wish more snowboardewrs would give a verbal warning that they are coming and out of control rather than just running into you and then moving on (Lorin excepted!) Also glad that Alex didn't get hit - great video.

  2. I loved the out of control skier video. "WATCH OUT!!!!" aaahhhh...

    Nordas blog is now linked below in the coveted number one spot. Someday I may change the layout so that the links will appear at the top. someday.....

  3. Norda's has been on my blog link list from Day 1 - I am so proud to say.

    I also have to add that I am still scared of snowboarders, even if my husband is one of them. :) We'll see if he can get Polly up on some ski's this winter!

  4. Linked.

    That reminded me of one night in Denmark when we were walking down the street and a guy coming the other way on a bike yelled "look out, I'm drunk."

    He was and we did.