Friday, May 30, 2008

Lundberg Girls Perform and Jim goes to Alaska

Carly awaiting the music cue for her dance routine. Definitely following in her mother's footsteps (HiLos redux here we come).

Camilla's Jr. High choir performance. Following in her older sister Amanda's footsteps. (High School Musical 2012 - can't wait)

Jamie proving to her sister Emily that she can finally curl her hair with the "straightener" (is that an oxymoron?).

Successful Alaska Bear Hunt 2008. Not only one for the record book (8'3" w/ 21 9/16" skull), but will look stunning in the front entry way. Please Mary????


  1. One awsome family! Any good wife would love to have a record black bear in the entry way, right?

  2. Nothing says "Welcome to our home filled with talented and beautiful young ladies" like an enormous black bear in the entry way. Come on Mary, pleaseeee!

  3. Thanks Bill! You have just hit on the best reason for having it the front entry - - young men.

    "Young man, as you are about to take my daughter out tonight and as we look upon this great beast, I want you to ponder on the importance of staying on my good side."

  4. You got it dad and Jim! Excellent idea. The intimidating black bear will have your girls home BEFORE curfew! And keep those burglers out too! It's not a bad idea Mary.

  5. Anyone smart enough to find his way to Alaska and back, bring home such a "cute" bear, and help raise 5 stunning daughters ought to be cut a little slack over something as trivial as a monstrous bear in the front hall looking at a stuffed desert sheep.