Saturday, April 10, 2010

Goodby, 18th Ward

Picture taken from USU that included the 5th-18th Ward building plus the Logan Temple

I guess I have never scanned any of the pictures of the 18th Ward Chapel that I have taken so this is the only thing I could find. Starting tomorrow we will be back attending the 10th Ward as a result of a meeting held two weeks ago when the Stake Presidency announced they were discontinuing the 18th Ward and assigning the previous members to the 5th, 10th, and 29th Wards. Once a Ward has been discontinued the rule is that the name can't be re-ued so there will never be another 18th Ward in Logan. A few people are rather upset but we decided we would roll with the punches, be thankful for the 37 years we have had in the 18th Ward, and do what we have been told. Wish us luck.

On another note, April 20th is fast approaching so start thinking about your Family Letters. We are still trying to figure a way to send them easier by e-mail - maybe with Bob's help we might succeed.

The 4 epidural injections that I had last Monday have helped quite a bit so I just keep plugging along. Unfortunately, that doesnt include helping Norda with the yard work or house cleaning. Maybe later.


  1. Back to the 10th ward. A little change every once in a while or every 37 years is probably a good thing. Certainly no use pouting or complaining. Say hello to the old gang for us.

    Glad to hear the epidural is taking some of the sting out of your back.

  2. The circle of life. Sounds like more opportunity for Dad to be called to the young mens and Mom as a Relief Society Pres. Stay busy....

  3. Too bad the old 10th ward building is no longer there to greet you. I liked the upstairs Jr. Sunday School room and the classroom down in the boiler room. Is Mel Swenson still the scout master?

  4. Clark and I can come help with yardwork and cleaning, just give us a call! Or maybe we will just have to stop by and force Grandma to let us help her!

  5. I'll miss the 18th ward. So many good stories and memories. Walking to Skanky's after early morning priesthood meeting to get the bread for Sunday School and Sacrament meeting later than day. High-class road shows produced by Jerry Sherratt complete with early morning rehearsals. Playing basketball for mutual each week in the indoor swimming pool they called a basketball court that messed up my hoops game for life. (That and I'm a 5'8" slow, white guy.) Having dad as my bishop. Meeting Ezra T. Benson on the steps one Sunday. Good times