Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brian Jameson Emmett - BYU '10

Brian picking up is Diploma at the Marriott Center, April 23, 2009. Congratulations!!

Brian finds the right camera in a sea of amateur photographers


The happy family

Proud mama

No one really liked the sun in their eyes, but only Bobby voiced a protest.

John did double support duty. He attended Beth's brother Kurt's graduation in the morning and came back to support Brian's Business School graduation at 5PM.

We are proud of all our college grads. Brian joins Jackie, Beth and John as BYU alums and Kristin who represents the family tradition of USU grads.

Well Done!

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  1. Brian, you make a good representative from the family even tough some would make the snap judgment that you went to the wrong school. We are just glad to have to join the ranks of the graduates - congratulations on a job well done.