Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Molly!

Thanks to Tom for posting a birthday blog for my dad...I have been so busy (I know, everyone says that but 2010 has had me going nonstop!) I have become a bad blogger!
Sorry this is a day late, Molly - Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Molly!
Amanda managed to find 7 candles for the cake :)

Mary had this cute birthday bear for Molly at the table. Everything seemed so funny last night, especially the bear. I don't know why, I think he's pretty cute in this picture! I must have been easily amused or surrounded by lots of funny people last night, I remember my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard.

Sunday we had an awesome birthday dinner at Jim & Mary's. It was so nice of them to put on a dinner & invite us when they are right in the middle of moving! We had steak, potatoes, beans, salad, rolls & for dessert, Ben & Courtney brought some chocolate cake & I made carmelitos for the first time. Yum! I was stuffed way beyond 70%.

Amanda, Molly & Jamie

The little kid table - Ben & I remember having the same table growing up!

Ben & Courtney

Molly with the birthday bear :)

Hope you had a happy birthday, Milly! We all went around the table & said our favorite thing about are some that I remember. "Molly is a great slush maker, she is always willing to serve, she is the ultimate babysitter, she is a great dancer, singer, music-video-maker, gives good advice about boys, is cheerful, has a good attitude & is easy to talk to.
Happy Birthday Molly, we love you!!


  1. Happy Birthday Molly! That looked like a fun evening with the family. Did I miss something...Jim and Mary are moving???

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  3. Yeah we are moving Allison, but only two houses away so it's not really big news. Great pictures paige! That bear really is cute, and I think the symmetry of the 7 candles looks perfect! Happy being 20 Molly :)

  4. Thanks, girls! :] It was such a great birthday. I have the perfect family!