Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beaver Bash - Clark, Laura, and Night Train

While Team Norda's looks confident, the question remains: Did they spend enough practice time in the bathtub.

Supporters gettin' ready.

Team Viking.

Looking strong, if not fast.

The best run of the day was Team Dukes of Hazard in General Lee. After copious beers, their steering was a bit off . . .

. . . and they jumped the berm and headed toward the lodge . . .

. . . where they drove straight toward a outdoor clothing tent . . .

. . . sliding right into the middle of it . . .

. . . before coming to a stop. Daisy Duke was unharmed in the crash.

There was an appearance from Avatar.

And then it was finally time for Night Train. In a scene reminiscent of Ben Hur, Team Huck Finn was still clearing it's "raft" from the course when Clark and Laura started out. Fortunately the raft was cleared in time. After a fast start, Night Train upturned at the curve. Quickly getting back in, Clark and Laura were off and running again.

Looking good coming into the final stretch . .

. . . they suddenly found themselves leaning the wrong way . . .

. . . upturning abruptly.

Time is determined by crossing the finish line, with or without the sled, so Laura decides to hoof it in.

While we did miss the Big Air of the Glen Brothers, the Boxcar Race was great fun. Congrats to Clark for creating the best looking car at the Beav.


  1. It was a fine Beaver Bash made better by Clark and Laura's death defying Night Train ride. It looked to be the fastest on track but the "50:50" turn proved too much for the team. Well done C&L

  2. We are a little sore from the crash, but other than that we are great! If the track would have been a straight line I think we could have taken the "gold". At least we had fun right?!

  3. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! It looked like you gave it your all and it was most definitaly the most professional looking entry. We hope the soreness from the crash wear off soon.

  4. I'm sorry I missed it. I looked like a fun bash - literally in one case. I'm sure that not only did Laura and Clark have the best looking sled but where the best looking couple as well. Now that should count for a gold medal!

  5. Beaver Bash! I wish I could have been there! Way to go Clark and Laura; you'll get 'em next year.