Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Lesa!

All the women who live in Emmettville are amazingly beautiful and talented but I'd like to pay tribute to my wife with the Top Ten Reasons Lesa Is Amazing.

10. She gets up at 4:15 a.m. to get ready before a day of teaching wildly excited youth in seminary from 6-7 (of course Erin is her star pupil) and working in the insurance world from 8-4.
9. She possesses mad piano skills which she demonstrates each week during Primary.
8. She sews beautiful prom dresses even when asked to combine various patterns into one custom made gown.
7. She willingly accompanies me on most of my silly marathon adventures.
6. She is on call each Tuesday to feed the missionaries if they show up to meet with the bishop at 5:00 without a dinner appointment for that night.
5. She bakes delicious cookies and bread if I would let her. They are so good that they are bad for my waistline.
4. Obviously she’s patient, very patient.
3. She has a great sense for fashion and decorating however she doesn’t nag when I look like a slob.
2. She is willing to give anyone a ride to church, even slightly crazy brother Belford who claims to have taken a road trip with Barack Obama and even shared a bed with the future president.
1. She still looks pretty darn amazing.

Lesa's birthday cake by Erin


  1. We agree with all of the above and could also lengthen the list too.

  2. Anyone who gets up at 4:15 and teaches early morning seminary is Amazing! Happy Birthday Lesa! Hopefully you can sleep in this weekend :)

  3. 4:15 and still always has perfect hair! Happy, happy birthday Aunt Lesa!

  4. Lesa, I concur with Jake about your patients. He'll do better stay with him. Stay young...