Sunday, February 28, 2010

The past few weeks

Shell & me

Sam & me
Mac & me

Alex & me

Good times....
and one more... Sorry Sam but it IS cute!!!

Sweethearts Ball '10 Sam & Connar Belnap


  1. Loved the self photos on the ski lift. Looks like fun times.

  2. The first picture just screams 'Christmas Card 2010'. Sam you look so cute with your very tall date!

  3. Concur with Laura, the first and last photos are instant classics. I can now see why Tom failed at getting a chairlift shot with Bill and me yesterday. With Tom sitting in the middle, all that he could get into the shot was his lovely face and the shoulders of his bros. Either he needs a new iPhone with a wide angle lens or arms that are 20 inches longer (see reflection of Tom's extended arms in his goggles on all of the chairlift shots.