Sunday, February 14, 2010

And may Brandon and Emily live happily ever after...

Emily smiling outside the Temple.

When I got ready to post a few pictures from the wedding yesterday (I'm sure there are a lot of others that were taken too) I realized that by giving all of them names it put them out of order so you will have to take what you get. I t was surely a special day being there to watch Brandon and Emily sealed, spend some time at the house, and then have a wonderful meal together at Hamiliton's, complete with program and visiting.

Brandon, Emily Mary Jim, and Emily's sisters.

Bride, Groom Mary, Jim.

Bride, Groom, and 4 red headed sisters.

Carly smiling.

Emily and 4 sisters.

Brandon, Emily, Mary, Jim.

Emily and Brandon kissing with family standing by.

Brandon and Emily coming from Temple.

Jim hugging Emily outside Temple.

Mary and 4 red headed daughters.

Bastian's and Lundberg's outside temple.

Mary and Jim as proud parents of the bride.
What a great day - and a good time was had by all!


  1. Since Grandpa pointed out he named the photos I particularly liked the title of the first photo, "Mary" smiling.

    What a fun day and we were all glad to share it with the happy couple.

  2. A beautiful couple and a wonderful day! So happy to have been part of the special day. Congratulations to Emily and Brandon!!

  3. Thanks to everyone for your support and example for Emily to follow. All the family only made it that much more special.

  4. Wish we could have been there but I love looking at the photos. Emily was such a beautiful bride!

  5. Great photos of a great occasion. Happy trails to the newlyweds.