Saturday, October 3, 2009

Michael and Tashina

Last Thursday, Michael flew in from Hawaii to spend conference weekend with his family and a pretty young lady named Tashina Etter. Michael has been dating Tashina since July . Tashina was also in town, having just returned from a two week trip to Hawaii to hang out with Michael. It was fun to have grandma and grandpa Emmett drive down to Highland just to meet Tashina.

Family photo

Preview of family photo.


still cute

could they be any cutier?

A small party at our house last night. Michael and Tashina revealed all about their courtship.

A crowd of friends, family and former mission companions thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Michael's persistance in pursuing the beautiful returned missionary and Stanford graduate.

Tashina getting better acquainted with Lily and her love of stickers at Jack's birthday party today.


  1. We full support the decisions Michael and Tashina made to be married and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday January 2, 2010. Having the ceremony scheduled at 5 pm even gives those who want to ski in the morning the chance to do so and still make it to the marriage!

  2. Congratulations from the Jerusalem Emmetts. We are sorry we won't be able to attend the wedding. We (at least Chad) will be additonally sorry if we also miss out on some delicious Indonesian fare as part of the wedding festivities. When I met Sister Etter in Malang Indonesia in August 2007 (see her photo in my Emmettville blog post from that month)I could tell she was top notch. Michael is a lucky guy. (Tashina's lucky too!) Dengan senang hati kami ucapkan selamat bertunangan kepada Tashina dan Michael.

  3. Michael and Tashina make a cute couple! We are so excited for them. It amazes me how, without exception, the Emmett boys consistently find such beautiful women to marry them. Oh, and yes, Tashina did pretty well herself. Let's us know if we can help with the Illinois honeymoon plans. (Good call on the 5 pm marriage time allowing for a solid day of skiing before hand.)

  4. Congrates to Tashina and Michael. I trust Tashina knows what she's getting into... with this family and all (some of the uncles are a bit off, Chad not included). Wonderful news.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS TASHINA AND MICHAEL! The entire Lundberg Family (and Molly) were excited to find out about this great news just before conference. Looking forward to meeting Tashina in person and for January 2nd.

  6. Congratulations! That is so exciting! We say Ditto to what has already been said :)

  7. The Smithfield Emmett's add their congratulations as well. I'm one of the "bit off" uncles, but I still know a good looking couple when I see one.

  8. Way to go Michael! I'm excited to meet Tashina! Congratulations.

  9. Congratulations cousin. We are so happy for you. We are just sorry that we won't be able to make it to the wedding/reception. Lot's of love, the McCormicks (muir)