Friday, October 2, 2009

It's a Day for Birthdays!

Today is a popular day for Birthday's! Happy Birthday to Adrienne, Adam, and Sam!
Adrienne is turning the big 30 today! She doesn't look a day over 20, so I don't think she has anything to worry about :) I believe they are spending her birthday in Park City!

Can you spot both of the birthday girls?
Happy Birthday Sam

Happy Birthday Adam


  1. Yay for Oct. 2nd birthdays! Thanks for the post Laura :)

  2. We can't think of a better day than October 2nd to celebrate 3 birthdays and one so far unannounced engagement. My how the blessings do pile up.

  3. Happy 30th Birthday Adrienne! Hope you have a fabulous day in Park City and I'm looking forward to our birthday dinner tomorrow!
    Happy Birthday Adam! I'll see you in a couple weeks :)

  4. All the cool people were born on Oct 2nd. Happy day to all and to all I hope many more...