Monday, September 14, 2009

What a geat LOTOJA week-end!

Support crew waiting in Montpelier.
Tom arriving in Montpelier.
Tom eating lunch ,
Shelly arriving in Montpelier. Shelly smiling.
Shelly hydrating.
Brian in Montpelier.
Brian and Jackie in Montpelier.
We really had a good time over the weekend with the LOTOJA crowd. The pictures are missing
John and Bob because they zipped through the feeding post where we were on their way to their support zones farther East so hopefully they they will have some pictures of themselves to post later on. Even though Norda puts a lot of work into getting ready it ends up being a positive affair when everyone says "thanks" and appears to have a good time. We hope that Beth, Jack, and Lilly are recovering from their colds and are feeling better by now. Now our assigment is to be ready for the TOU crew next weekend with some more peach ice cream, soup, and sloppy Joe's after the run.


  1. I did enjoy the Peach ice cream while all the LOTOJA riders were busy riding there bikes to Jackson! I am looking forward to more peach ice cream this weekend, Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

  2. Thanks again mom and dad for all of your hard work to make LOTOJA weekend one of the highlights of the year. Converting your garage to a bike shop and allowing us to over run the kitchen really make it a great way to prepare for the long day on the bike. I'll post more photos later in the week. My full report can be found on cycleski: (linked to my name above and on the right side bar).

  3. Congratulations to all the riders. Looking forward to some peach ice cream next September.

  4. Great job Mom & Dad. Thanks for the support and everything else, your'e both the best!! Congrates to all the riders and support crew. Sam did a great job as her first solo support for Shelly and myself in Mont. Couldn't do it without you...

  5. Well done Bob, Tom, Shelly, John, and Brain. I cant wait until Lotoja is covered on Versus and we can hear, "John Emmett is really turning himself inside out today"!