Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Pig Latin, Emmett means, 'Run Like the Wind'

More photos from Top of Utah Marathon. You can't run on an empty stomach so you need to go to the Firehouse Grill for a pre-run snack. If your name is Alex, you'll also need a pre-race (or in his case, pre-game) ice cream dessert.

I love this photo. Look at Tom's face (in orange over Bill's left shoulder). Clearly it says, "check it out, I'm still hanging with YPR at the half way mark." I must admit, anyone that can hang with GB boy must be a super fit, super athlete! Tom E proved it by running a personal best sub 4 hour marathon. Of course, so did Bill, but isn't his PR something more Kenyan like 2:08 or 3:08? I forget.....

"Happy Together" - The Turtles

Where's Tom?

Kristin and her running mates powering out of Blacksmith Fork Canyon. I'm pretty sure she's asking a version of a question made famous by Brian, "How many runners are in front of me?"

Lot's of fans in front of the Tabernacle

John W has John D in his sights

Jake is more than willing to pull up for a photo op with his fans.....

.....especially his favorite grand daughter.

Kristin closing in on one mile to go.

Proud parents with their superstar daughter! Congratulations Kristin!!


  1. I always feel so left out during this weekend...but congrats to all the runners for finishing the race!

  2. Great summary of an enjoyable week end with those who could make it to the TOU marathon. It was fun to be able to be part of the celebration without having to run or walk as part of the deal.

  3. I'm not sure but I think the TOU Peach ice cream was frutier and a bit better than LoToJa....? Both excellent as well as all the other food, thanks Mom and Dad!!!

  4. Good heavens, if I'd known that I was going to be in so many TOU photos, I would have tried to look taller.

  5. Another great running weekend in Cache Valley. Thanks for the accommodations, food, cheering, laughing, etc. It was a blast!