Monday, May 11, 2009

Update on Norda's belated Birthday and Mother's Day present
Norda insisted all she wanted this year was a lawn mower that worked and tonight, after announcing my plans to stay at Hyer's repair until I could take the mower home serviced, sharpened, and in good working order, I was able to do just that. Norda is currently out cutting the lawn after the partial job I did last week with an ailing riding mower and she is smiling even broader than when she was using the snow blower last winter. The pictures document that doing nothing is not part of her armamentarium .
Norda smiling behind controls of Christmas present 12-08
Norda working (as usual) in the garden 5-09

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  1. Even if Mom's "armamentarium" is a pair of scissors and a dust broom, she'll find a way to get the job done. What a girl!!