Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tender Mercies

In Annie's letter to Michael last week she mentioned the Tender Mercy it has been to be in Utah while her mother has been ill and in need of full time care. Annie, her sisters, Pam and Jana and her brothers, Craig, Rod and Mark have been very attentive in helping care for Evelyn who is suffering from cancer and dealing with various health issues related to that.

Annie and Evelyn sharing a laugh with Elder Mikey on Mother's Day. Michael is very skilled at making others feel better. His call was a great pick-me-up for his mother and grandmother.

Great-grandma Smith and Lily

Annie, Evelyn and Bob posing while Evelyn reads her Mother's Day Card

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  1. Our fondest hope it that our prayers for Evelyn to be spared from suffering unduely. She has been and is a very special lady and we love her dearly.