Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Today Clark and I did some much needed Spring Cleaning and I came across the DVD we made for Grandpa & Grandma on their 60th anniversary!  I have 4 copies left so if you didn't get one and you would like one, I have some.  If I need to make some more copies I can.  I will bring them to Twin Pine Ranch on Sunday so if you will be there on Sunday or Monday grab one. 

Here are some pictures from the DVD to help jog your memory...

Also during our spring cleaning I remembered that I have two copies of Season 3 of the Office.  Silly me bought it at Hastings thinking I didn't own a copy yet.  So if any of you are fans of the office and are dying to have season 3 let me know.  It's going for the great low price of $15.  I got it on sale for $25 and since it has been previously viewed I'll knock off a few bucks!! I've included a picture so that you don't make the same mistake I did and buy it twice.  


  1. I'll take a copy of the DVD, especially since I never got to see it!

  2. Melissa I'll bring you one when I come out in June... just don't let me forget!

  3. We hope you all had as much fun looking at the DVD as we did and we certainly appreciatye all of the work that went inot making it. We have nothing but good memories of all of you!

  4. Please change "appreciatye" to "appreciate" and "inot" to "into". Sorry about that!