Monday, April 6, 2009

Merrick steals the show at Mary and Amanda's birthday dinner

Happy Birthday to Mary and Amanda!! We had a fun family gathering at 20 Ashford yesterday. Bill, Lorie and Katie are in town for spring break and Mary and Amanda flew in for a whirlwind two night trip to take advantage of the free tickets Disneyland offers on your birthday. Melissa and Merrick joined in as well as Uncle Bill and Fanchione. The mixed grill of flank steak, chicken and kielbasa was excellent! It's not too late to book your trip to Irvine before escrow closes on May 11. Come on down!

William A and William R

Merrick and Mary

What are the chances this photo ends up in a scrapbook?

Fanchione and Kristin admiring Merrick

Uncle Bill catching up with his favorite niece and a couple of his favorite nephews

The sisters, cousins and baby Merrick

Merrick napping with his great Uncle Bob

The Smithfield Emmett's admiring the latest addition to the family


  1. Great pictures from a great host! Any comments about missed or delayed flights won't be included at this time - we were just glad you all could get together and document it on film.

  2. Happy Birthday Mary and Amanda! Looks like a fun celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday Mayr & Amanda! I'm sad I missed such a fun party! And what cute pictures of Merrick!

  4. Thanks Bob for posting the B'day pics of Mary and Amanda. Thanks also for the great "on call" airport shuttle service. They had a great time and even though you did most of the work to make it a great trip, I was able to get some of the credit just by picking up the airline tickets.