Friday, April 17, 2009

A Boy Named Jake

Grandma found this book & gave it to me to show my dad. I thought it was pretty cute & thought we might all enjoy...

A Boy Named Jake
By: Mary Lundburg
Illustrated by a 3rd Grade Class, 1984

Once there was a little boy named John.

His dad's name was John, too, so everybody decided to call the little boy Jake.

Jake had a little sister named Mary.

Mary always wanted to play with Jake, but he was kinda busy playing with his friends & she was too little to play with them.

A few years went by & Mary turned 18 years old.

One day, Jake decided to go skiing with Mary because now she was big enough to play with him.

They went to Beaver Mountain one sunny day & had a great time skiing together.

Now, Jake & Mary ski with each other all the time.

Remember: When you're big enough to play with your brothers & sisters, play with them every day.


  1. We love both of those mentioned in the book as much now as we did then. And Mary's prediction of what would happen beyond the 3rd grade turned out to be only too true. We also noticed that the "illustrators" sort of gave an inkling in their pictures of what would happen to skis in the future. Stories with "Happy endings" are always favorites of ours!

  2. Didn't we see this on the New York Times Best Seller List. What a great Chistmas gift this would make....

  3. Wow. I didn't realize I was a character in such a literary classic. I'm honored and yet relieved that Mary didn't go with A Boy Named Jerk that, unfortunately, would have given her plenty of material. Thanks, Mary. What a great book. I'll have to have you sign the original someday.