Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa John!

These aren't the best photos of dad and aren't worthy of a birthday tribute but they remind us of the spirit of one of mom's comment from yesterday. "The best birthday present we could have received was having all six of our children with us in the temple."

Happy birthday, dad, grandpa, great grandpa!

p.s. Congratulations to Ben and Courtney. We are extremely proud of Ben and thrilled to have Courtney join the family. We think they make a perfect couple and that we belong to the best family ever. - Jake and Lesa


  1. What a great wedding and time with the family. Thanks Courtney & Ben for making it happen. TOo bad the Jazz couldn't put together a win for JWE's special day.

  2. Some things are more important than others, Tom. It's too bad the Jazz lost again but the important thing was the wedding of Ben and Courtney and the chance for the families to get together - a good time was really had by all!

  3. Dad had a birthday? He and mom have been saying they are 82 for weeks so I figured I had missed their birthdays. It was great seeing most of TheWholeFamDamily last week.