Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wii Love Winter Too

We may not be able to hit the slopes of Beaver Mountain this winter but that hasn't stopped our skiing fun. We recently got a Wii with a Wii Fit so I've been enjoying the skiing games. Just look how much fun I'm having on the picture below.
Getting the snow off my ski

Watch out Sam, I'll be back next winter

I've also been picking a few new skills, like ski jumping

Big time air right there, move over Alex

The Miami Emmetts
We miss all of you guys out here, so much that we even created "mii" characters of the Midway Emmett's (minus Lily).

We have been able to get off the slopes and make our way to the temple in Orlando


  1. We are glad to see that you are finding ways to enjoy your stay in Miami and still have a little fun. Just make sure you don't get your roots down so far that you can't come back to Zion later on.

  2. Don't you love the Wii Fit?! Clark and I have it too, and we have spent many hours ski jumping!

  3. You may be in Miami but your skis are still making themselves useful. I used this today at Snowmass. Don't forget we need to adjust the bindings before you use them.

  4. Good call leaving your skis with John. I'm glad he has a choice between yours and mine. Annie has been talking about getting the Wii Fit. Maybe we'll have to fly to Miami and check it out.