Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Happens in Vegas...

.... sure doesn't need to happen again!!! The soccer and events were alright but it was confirmed lady luck was not on my side again.

We didn't get a picture of the keys locked in the door while the engine was running the day before we got the flat on I215 between the soccer games but it was an eventful day too.

"Not sure but I think the jack goes some place under here..."

Alex enjoyed a couple nights of swimming even though it was kinda cool, high 40's.

Sam played awesome with her U17 team. I think the one girl/guy was a bit older/bigger. Sam's U16 team took 2nd place without her playing but she got a medal for their efforts.
McKinley stayed home to take care of Gandma Nyman and did a few movies and shopping. Mac also went skiing with Katie and Bill for Presidents day.


  1. With that kind of luck, it's a good thing you stayed off the gaming tables and away from the slots. Stick with opening car doors with clothes hangers in twenty minutes. You're good at that. Nice to have you home.

  2. Nice work finding the spare! Knowing where to place the jack is even more incredible!! It is good to see the young Alex still knows how to have fun. Now get busy scheduling Sam's team(s) into one of the SoCal spring tournaments.

  3. "Other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs Lincoln?" seems like a reasonable question to ask about your trip to Las Nevas. We, too, are glad you made it back safe and sound in time to take advantage of the mega powder dump at Beaver last Wednesdsay.