Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thanks to Mac, Polly has had this fun dollhouse for awhile. She never really got into it until today. It was downstairs & kept her busy while I did laundry & then she begged to bring it upstairs. It kept her busy for over an hour this morning! It's been fun to watch her set up the people to watch TV, get ready for bed, eat dinner or get in the car to "go to work."
It's funny to remember just a year ago that this is how she played with it..
Oh, & here is Bruce sporting his EIU t-shirt. Had I known it was almost too small I would have busted it out a little sooner. Maybe it will stretch.

One more time I have to say we had a great Christmas! I wish Bruce wouldn't have been sick & could have been a little more entertaining, but hopefully next time. I'm glad we got to see you all & those that we missed...well, we missed you! We noticed Jim made DVD's from all of Grandpa's old family video's & decided to get in on the action. We borrowed the burner & have made many DVD's of Lorin's mission tapes, Lorin's college Spring Break Road Trip & family video's from January 2006 - New Years Day 2009. Thanks Jim! Next up are some old home video's on VHS from way-back-when in 1985.


  1. I love the dollhouse, I had one just like it actually when I was younger and it was my favorite thing! I borrowed the DVD's from Grandma & Grandpa to make copies of for myself if anybody wants copies I can make some!

  2. What a difference a year makes. Hold on tight because it all seem to go faster as time moves on. Polly's enthusiasm reminds us of how much fun Mary had with her doll house

  3. I like how much more sophisticated Polly's playing has become.