Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Later Skaters

Brian and Jackie are finally on their way to Florida. They left the Dairy Keen in Heber shortly after lunch. There was a period where we weren't sure they would even make it back to Midway from Provo, let alone get out of the state. Brian's California racing tires didn't agree with all the snow in Provo Canyon but after a couple attempts over two days they made it, barely. Next stops CO, IL, KY.The happy couple in front of the car after all the bags had been loaded and strapped.
While Brian burned last minute mixes like "guilty pleasures" (Backstreet and NSYNC) and "If I have to" (country) . . . **notice the eye chart over Brian's head.
Jackie was looking for a spot for the spice rack that Brian took out and "accidentally" forgot to put back.
Floor to ceiling with stuff and more stuff stashed at places from Portland to Provo to Alpine to Midway.


  1. That is a drive I don't know if I would want to make! Anyway good luck on your adventure to Florida, racing tires and all

  2. Let's see . . . moving to Florida . . .

    California racing tires? Check

    Spice rack? Check

    "Bye Bye Bye" remix? Check

    Best of luck in the Sunshine State!

  3. I just talked to Brian. They are rolling into Denver an hour or two behind schedule. The road leaving Vail was still in bad shape and they got stuck twice. Brian had to get out and push while Jackie tried to drive. The adventure is on! Next stop - Charleston, IL

  4. Have fun in Charleston! I can't say I am jealous although I would love to hit up McHugh's, El Ranch or Monicals with remaining Illinois Emmett's. Drive safe! I'm glad to hear you have plenty of road trip music to last you!