Sunday, January 11, 2009

Early Morning Visitors in Aurora

Phone rings...... no answer
Phone rings again...... no answer
Knock on the door....... no answer (Elders thinking - "no one visits us in the morning, it must be for the Orsers")
Knock on the door again. "You must be Elder Stephenson, Is Elder Emmett here?" "Elder Emmett, can I introduce you to my wife, Jackie?"

Brian and Jackie arrived in Denver late last Wednesday night and before heading across the Great Plains paid a surprise visit to Elder Mikey on Thursday morning. Brian was not sure if there was a rule against this so he went to great pains to not ask. You'll have to wait for more details on this visit and perhaps an accurate version of the visit in either Elder Emmett's weekly letter or check Brian's blog for more details on their epic journey from Midway to Miami - that included a stop in Charleston, IL. Brian and Jackie pulled into Miami just a few hours ago - now the fun and the work begin.


  1. Legal or not we are glad Brian and Jackie were able to make the stop and that they are now safely in Florda. We are also assuming that Elder Michael's round face is a temporary setback that will correct itself after he is released back to the real world.

  2. Beth and I are still laughing while picturing Brian running after the car as Jackie drives away.

  3. Wow... great Garden Of Eden wall decor for the missionaries. Keep up the focus Elder Emmett and don't let these kind of distractions get in your way.