Friday, November 28, 2008

Harvest Cup 2008 - The Emmetts Are Back

After a few years absence, Emmetts were once again on the field and roaming the sidelines at the 2008 Harvest Cup Soccer Tournament - hosted by the Irvine Strikers Soccer Club. For many years this was our life at Thanksgiving. Brian and Michael both played for several years with the Strikers.

Here's Michael in the Strikers Red and White 1997.

Brian in the more current red and black from 1998.

This year Sam is back in town for her second Harvest Cup, shown above playing with what looks like a ball from the 80's.

Sam's team was getting killed in the first game. Mac's interest was fading.....

It was fun to be back on familiar sidelines at UCI. L to R, Tom, Shelley, Mac, Kristin, Annie, Brian and Jackie with a few extra's thrown in.

One of the problems with the first game is that the ball seldom found it's way to Sam's feet.

Alex on a break away, but a strong goalie still stands between him and the back of the net.

I think Alex will tell you this shot got by the keeper for a goooooaaaaaal.

Word of warning, Mac is not a big fan of some stupid uncle snapping photos from point blank range. Alex, however, is another story....

If you're not careful, Mac may just grab your camera and turn on you - snapping several photos in just a couple of seconds.

If Mac can do it then so can I.

Parting Shot


  1. Even though the outcome of the game wasn't what we wanted the photo essay of soccer past and present was great. Pictures of the family too. We are still waiting for the results of the second game but assume the trip was, overall, worth while.

  2. That sums it up... Sam's second game was a bit closer finishing in a tie 1-1. She's been playing well but not getting too many chances with the ball.

    Many thanks to the Irvine Emmett's Inn. Annie did a swell job with the T-day feast and putting up with Alex being loud in the mornings. Many thanks to Bob and Annie.

  3. Looks like a fun time. Watching Sam play futball over Thanksgiving break is a much better option than watching the Detroit Lions play football.